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Wi-Fi Networks

Designing Wi-Fi networks is not simple

Rapid proliferation of new devices are placing ever escalating demands on WLAN’s. Most users have at least one additional device they seek to connect to the network over Wi-Fi. Administrators face the challenge of providing ever-increasing coverage and a growing density of devices.

Frontier brings Best Practices of Design and Deployment to Wi-Fi networks

We use the best practices developed by various providers in our design and deployment. We follow a process that generally covers these areas.

We assess your requirements in terms of number of devices, bandwidth required today and forecasted into the next five years, the types of services expected to be running over Wi-Fi and frequencies. This information is gathered into an Assessment document. Based on the requirements, we assess density and arrive at cell sizing, antennas, coverage etc. Finally we Implement, Secure and Optimize: Our engineers install, test, secure and tune it for optimum performance.

Leverage our experience and partner eco-system

Frontier’s teams have more than a decade’s experience in the design and deployment of Wi-Fi networks. Many of our Engineers carry networking certifications such as CCIE and CCNP. We partner with vendors such as CISCO and Juniper to provide a choice of Wi-Fi equipment and solutions.

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