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Accelerate your backup and retrieval with Purpose-Built Backup Applicances (PBBA)

Organizations today have to deal with every increasing volumes of data. Demands for faster access and ingest are driving the demand for storage systems that can meet these demands. Backup, retrieval and storage optimization are other factors that determine the choice of storage systems.

PBBA's are designed for high performance backup and retrieval

PBBA’s decrease backup and recovery windows across multiple applications and operating systems. They are scalable, and provide fast access and high speed data ingest to the IT system. They leverage disk based technology and are faster than tape at locating data to be backed up or restored.

PBBA systems are typically standalone and come with features such as data deduplication, compression, encryption and replication. They may or may not support multiple interfaces, including some or all of these: NAS (NICCIFS), Virtual Tape libraries (VTL) , Symantec’s Open Storage API (OST), EMC’s Data Domain Boost, HP’s Store Once Catalyst and Quantum’s Accent.

Buying a PBBA system offers more value than solutions that are put together with stand-alone discrete general-purpose disk and software. Customers will end up spending more time and money with do-it-yourself disk systems deployed for backup and recovery.

Selecting and Implementing a PBBA system is a complex process

There are multiple PBBA systems in the market offered by different OEM’s. Each one has it’s own set of features, supporting multiple sets of protocols, and with different architectures. To get the most cost and performance optimized solution, you need to evaluate each system against your current and projected future requirements. Your evaluation also needs to factor in the possibility of a move to the cloud. Selection or implementation is not an easy task.

How Frontier can help

We understand PBBA’s extremely well and have extensive skills in deployment and management of these devices across vendors. We have a holistic knowledge and skills in Enterprise and Cloud storage. Frontier has an extensive security practice and has skills, and we have an entire division specialized in Cloud solutions and services.

Our extensive skills in storage and in surrounding systems can help you in not only selection optimal PBBA’s, but also implement, secure and manage it. In the future, if you should want to migrate your storage to the cloud, we can help you with that too.

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