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Technology Training

Our Training programs, are designed for global organization, helping them to bridge the employee skill gap and embrace the Technical Advancement and Business Transformation. Technical expertise together with process-governance driven delivery model, has made us a brand trusted by organizations for all their Training needs.

Our portfolio includes, Skilling & Customized Trainings, IT Best Practice Training, Vendor Certification and End User Adoption/ Change Management Training.

Skilling & Customized Programs

Partner Trainings and Workshop to ensure upskilling of the employees: 

Frontier has OEM Partnerships and we deliver high end technology trainings/workshop on Cisco, VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix, NetApps, Oracle, Checkpoint, Linux, AWS, DevOPS , Puppet , OpenStack and other such niche technologies. The Programs are delivered by highly experienced Trainers who have extensive domain knowledge and have practically implemented the solutions at the Client premises. All our trainers are industry veterans, each having over a decade of design, development, implementation and Troubleshooting experience.

Best Practice Trainings

To ensure Productivity Improvement

We conduct Industry Best Practice Trainings on IT Service Strategy, IT Service Design, IT Service Transition, Service Operations, Continuous Service Improvements, Operational Support and Analysis, Planning, Protection and Optimization, Release Control and Validation, Service Offerings and Agreements. We also conduct ITIL Foundation, COBIT, DevOps and PMP Trainings. We do offer Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP) course, which is designed to expose ICT, Facilities, or Data Center Operations professionals working in and around the Data Center to understand the key components of the Data Center.

User Adoption Training

Maximize ROI by Increasing End User Adoption Rate.

ROI from Business is maximized when user capabilities are aligned with IT/system capabilities. The number one obstacle to success for major projects is end user resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change. Our End User Adoption/ Change Management Training will ensure better ROI on the IT investment made by the Organizations. We use ADKAR model for the People Side of Change management. ADKAR is a research-based, individual change model that represents the five milestones an individual must achieve, in order to change successfully. ADKAR creates a powerful internal language for change and gives leaders a framework for helping people embrace and adopt changes.

Vendor Certification Programs

Partner Certification Training for Project Compliance

Many large Government and Non-Government Projects, as part of compliance, demands for Vendor Certified Personal to be deployed in the Projects. In this context, we conduct Training Programs that follows the OEM/Partner curriculum leading to Vendor Certifications. Many OEMs also bundle Training Vouchers along with the Product supply. These Vouchers can be used to undergo Authorised Trainings leading to Vendor Certifications.


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