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Unified Computing

Unite Network, Computer, Storage and Virtualization into a single cohesive system. Introducing Unified Computing...

Cisco UCS consists of Blade Servers, Rack servers, UCS System management software, Server Adapters – CISCO UCS Server I/O, Pcle-Nvme Storage, and GPU Technology, Blade servers for ISR routers and rack and power infrastructure.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) consists of a product portfolio that includes blade and rack servers, edge scale computing, converged infrastructure, and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions.

CISCO UCS functions as a single whole

Servers, storage and network are tightly integrated, tested with many applications and optimized for performance. With all the separate elements operating as a single whole, efficiency is maximized.


With Cisco UCS reduce the number of devices you procure and deploy, while at the same time simplifying your datacenter architecture.

A Unified Computing System delivers several benefits such as:

  • Reduces total cost of ownership at all levels
  • By enabling just-in- time provisioning and mobility support, it increases the productivity of IT staff
  • The UCS functions as a single integrated whole, with a single pane of management easing the task of administration
  • It is easily scalable and can support hundreds of servers and thousands of virtual machines

CISCO’s UCS brings agility and cost efficiency by :


  • Eliminating manual configurations: USC Manager is embedded in all systems, and features Auto Discovery and self-integrating components
  • All repetitive tasks are automated: It uses service profiles, and can be managed through policies
  • Seamless Integration: It extends the investment in existing tools, by seamlessly integrating existing tools into UCS


Management through a Single Pane of glass

Every element in UCS can be managed through a single pane of glass. Whether it is storage, managing virtual severs, network, provisioning of new servers or storage, self service catalog and self provisioning and charge-back : every single feature can be accessed and managed through the same control panel.

Why Frontier for CISCO UCS

  • Frontier is a CISCO partner for two decades
  • Expertise in Networking, Storage and Servers
  • Experience and expertise in SDN
  • Over 1000 Networking projects executed
  • Over 10,000 servers virtualized
  • Over 300 Storage virtualizations
  • Over 50,000 desktops virtualized
  • Private cloud design , deployment and management
  • Dev-Ops and Sys-ops expertise

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