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Virtual Environment Security

Security in the Virtual world is different from the conventional. Get your Security assessed to protect your IT and ensure high confidentiality, availability and continuity.

Even while Virtualization presents many benefits, it also brings with it some new security risks. The virtualized server has all the security vulnerabilities of a regular server. However the hypervisor has its own security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

The security auditing of virtualized environments is not the same as auditing in a non-virtualized environment and there still remains ambiguity amongst auditors on how to go about auditing virtualized environments.

Frontier can help you audit and secure your virtualized environments

Frontier has both the technical capability and process understanding to be able to audit your virtualized environments, and configure to comply with different security standards.

Our security audit is a five step process, and we audit your virtualized environment for:

  • Architectural risks
  • Administrative risks
  • Application risks
  • Configuration risk
  • Information leakage risks
  • Monitoring risks.

We also audit your systems against best practices recommended by NIST for virtualized environments, such as:

  • execution isolation for virtual machines
  • device emulation and access control
  • execution of privileged operations for guest virtual machines (VMs) by the hypervisor
  • management of VMs
  • administration of hypervisor host and hypervisor software

At the end of the security assessment, we give you a detailed report which brings out all the security risks in your virtualized environment, along with detailed risk mitigation strategies for all the medium and high security risks.

Be Secure. Get your Security Assessment for Virtual environments done.

Frontier has a Security practice and has deep expertise in all aspects of security. We consult for compliance with security standards, and reconfigure client IT to comply with these standards. We also offer Security configuration automation to prevent configuration drifts, and easy compliance and reporting during security audits.

We also have over a decade’s experience in Virtualization and Server Consolidation. Our services have been used by over two hundred businesses for server consolidation and virtualization. We have a large team of experienced, and industry certified virtualization specialists.

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