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Network Assessment Services

Frontier can help you assess your network for robustness of design and security. Our assessment services provided in-depth insight into network utilization, capacity constraints and security vulnerabilities

Increasingly all devices are inter-connected and users are also using their mobiles and tablets to access business applications. This multiplies the number of attack vectors vulnerable to malicious attacks by hackers, malware and virus. The threat landscape is also changing rapidly and the frequency of new and never before seen threats is on a dramatic rise.

In this constantly changing scenario, enterprises need to ensure that their security strategy aligned with the organization’s business objectives and can adapt to the dynamic threat landscape.

We help you assess your security posture, vulnerabilities and strength of your security posture with the following services:

Network architecture design review

This is a security-focused evaluation of your network design and network-based computing environment. We view both the architecture/design and the operational dimensions.

Network vulnerability assessment

Scan your network for vulnerabilities from different locations and validate the results through a manual verification.

Penetration testing

Explore vulnerabilities in your internal and external networks and exploit them. This exercise gives you a good picture of the vulnerabilities in your network components that have to be fixed in order to secure your network and computing assets.

Wireless assessment

Your wireless infrastructure is audited for security vulnerabilities to assess the security effectiveness of your wireless network.

Frontier has over two decades of experience in LAN, WAN, Wireless, Network Security, VPN Solutions and Enterprise security. We have implemented hundreds of projects across enterprises of varying sizes with varying complexity. We are partners with all the major network technology companies, and our teams have advanced networking certifications.

Whether you want a network designed, or assessed, we can offer you expert and professional help. If you have a requirement or any questions do contact us to talk to our Networking SME’s.

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