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WAN Optimization

Accelerate your application’s performance over the wide area network. Let Frontier Improve your onsite or cloud application performance and delivery through WAN optimization solutions.

With dynamically changing IT environment, it is very difficult & challenging to achieve network performance. Network performance directly affects the application performance, which in turn affects the organization performance. Thus, network must be able to deliver optimal performance to support the business agility.

WAN Optimization works on the principle of priority. It prioritizes the traffic with guaranteed amount of available bandwidth for the most critical application.Its optimization maximizes the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN) through following techniques:

  • Traffic shaping prioritize the traffic and allocate the bandwidth accordingly
  • Deduplication is the elimination of redundant data
  • Data compression contracts the size of data to limit bandwidth usage
  • Data caching host the repeatedly used data locally or on a local server for faster access
  • Streamlining data protocols bundles multiple requests into one
  • Manage bandwidth puts limits on how much bandwidth certain kinds of resource-hogging applications can monopolize
Frontier Business System has the expertise and two decades of experience in enterprise LAN and WAN solutions. We work with vendors such as CISCO and Riverbed for WAN optimization solutions that deliver applications at accelerated speeds.

Frontier can help you to maximize your IT infrastructure performance by solving the WAN inherent issues of latency and cost through:

  • Quicker file accessibility : Data caching enable the quicker file access
  • Accelerated network-based communications: High network speed bridges the distance gap
  • Improved performance :Delight end user with its great end user performance due to high availability of the application
  • Reliable and faster data recovery :Increase network response time capabilities results in reliable and faster data recovery
  • Cost saving: Bandwidth management reduces the bandwidth expenses
Accelerate Application Delivery. Adopt a WAN Optimization solution. Speak to a Frontier networking expert today.

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