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Blades Racks Tower Servers

The Server Challenge : Performance, Security and uptime demands on the enterprise only escalates every year, while applications become more resource hungry and security compliances become more stringent. IT managers are required to meet all these demands with the same or sometimes diminished IT budgets.

You also have to plan for the future in an environment where technologies are in a state of flux, and it is not yet determined whether future IT will revolve around the cloud, coverged datacenter infrastructure or a hybrid model.

Frontier has the expertise to help you evaluate size your server requirements

Frontier works in the enterprise space and understands these challenges very well. Since we have expertise across all domains of enterprise IT we are best positioned to help you meet these challenges by helping you evaluate a wide range of server hardware against your requirements . We can help you size, procure, deploy and secure your servers.

A wide range of server hardware, at Great prices

Blades or racks, Converged or stand-alone, meant for virtualized or not – we can help you find the perfect match for your needs from a wide range of servers from Dell, HPE, Lenovo and Oracle.

Poweredge Rack, Tower and Cloud servers from Dell Blade Server Systems, Rack servers. Tower and integrated servers from HPE Blades, Racks and Towers from Lenovo SPARC and X86 servers from Oracle

Enterprise Server Services

Servers are at the heart of any IT system, and the performance is only as good as the quality and security built in during installation and deployment. We help you get the most out of your servers with the following services:

  • OS installation, and configuration
  • Vulnerability assessment, OS hardening, and configuration for security standards compliance
  • Protection from viruses, malware and other security threats
  • Warranty execution and annual maintenance contracts
  • Break-fix support
  • Remote monitoring and incident, change and problem management
  • Server virtualization

Get your servers from Frontier, and ensure enterprise level standards compliant deployment of your servers. Contact for Server sizing assessments, or server pricing quotes.

Contact us to secure your IT needs.

Discover tailored IT services designed specifically for your business needs and experience our latest technological insights through a test drive.