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All Flash Storage

Leverage the Flash revolution. Turbo charge your IT

All Flash Storage

An All Flash Storage array is a storage system that consists of multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives. A Flash Array can transfer data much faster than regular electro-mechanical hard disk drives.

All Flash storage delivers ultra-high performance storage and cost efficiencies. They can run high performance applications such as transactional databases much better than traditional disk storage systems. All Flash arrays are purpose built to take care of performance and I/O issues not currently addressed by any other storage sub system.

Some benefits of All Flash Storage systems

  • Enable super-fast data mobility speeds
  • Minimize/eliminate spikes in latency as number of users increase
  • The speeds enable and empower faster and near real time analytics
  • Easy migration from disk based systems
  • Give the enterprise a competitive edge by speeding up time to market for data driven businesses

All Flash Vs Hybrid

All Flash storage systems offer blazing speeds but at significantly higher costs. On the other hand traditional multi-terabyte hard disk drive based storage systems are very economical, but very slow.

Hybrid arrays are seen as an alternative that can deliver very high speeds at a very low incremental cost. They balance the equation between costs and speed.

Hybrid systems are built by adding a thin slice (up-to 5% of capacity) of flash storage to a hard disk array. This accomplishes doubling of IOPS and reducing the latency to less than half. By adding 10 to 20% of traditional storage cost, hybrid systems can deliver double the speeds with half the latency.

All Flash, Hybrid or none? Which vendor ? Which Hybrid ? Frontier can help you decide. Frontier has 360 degrees storage expertise. We work with multiple vendors and multiple technologies. We understand the role and interplay of storage between various IT systems, applications and network, in the datacentre and the cloud. Our security team understands the importance and place of storage in high performance transactional environments, as well as compliance with security standards, and fitment into BCP and DR plans.

We can work with you, understand your IT environment, applications, BCP/DR , security compulsions and recommend to you Flash or Hybrid storage systems that can meet varying requirements while delivering blazing speeds and lower latency.


All Flash storage products

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