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Reap the benefits of Enterprise Mobility without any compromises in security of your data or network

As more employees bring mobile devices to the workplace, and seek for using these devices at work, the importance of managing these mobile devices has become very important.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is about managing the people, process, applications , wireless networks and devices in the context of the workplace. Mobile devices are easily lost, and this poses a very serious threat to the security of applications and data accesses through the devices.

The number of unique devices , eight plus versions of Android software, and similar number of IOS and Windows CE versions only increases the complexity of managing the devices for ease of use, while keeping the device and data secure.

Frontier can help you implement Mobility in your Enterprise

  • We can help you implement mobility without loss of data, compromise of security or compliance to security standards. We assess your goals and requirements and draw out the desired end state of mobility.
  • Applications, infrastructure, security processes and network security are assessed for supporting secure mobility.
  • A roadmap is drawn out detailing processes, technologies, application security implementations, technical and policy based access restrictions to ensure secure mobility.
  • We will help you design and implement tools and security measures to enforce mobilie access policiies, manage behavior and mitigate security risks across a wide range of applications, mobility platforms and devices.
  • We will help you deploy mobility , operationalize and manage the actual process of securing individual devices through a combination of automation, and incident based management.
  • Your administrators and users will be trained in managing and using mobile devices within the work environment.

Our Enterprise Mobility Technology Partners

  • VMWare
  • Microsoft

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