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Enterprise Security

No matter where your data resides or moves, we will secure it. We have the technology and process expertise required to protect your IT from an ever increasing array of threats.

Ever increasing security threats

Securing your enterprise IT from a rapidly evolving and ever widening range of security threats is a challenge with a target that is constantly moving. Advanced Persistent threats, sophisticated DDOS attacks, ransomware , virus , malware and hacking attacks on the network are on an unprecedented high.

While coping with this accelerating high volume of security threats, the CIO is also under pressure to implement advanced virtualization, cloud computing and enterprise mobility.

Securing the enterprise needs breadth and depth in security expertise

Gone are the days when one could buy an anti-virus, install a firewall or an IDS or IPS and be assured that adequate security measures have been taken. Today, not only do you need to take proactive and protective measures for your network and compute, you also need to ensure that access from a range of devices to your network, and your applications on the cloud are well protected from malefic attacks and data theft and leakages.

Secure your IT with security solutions and services from Frontier

We are amongst the largest of providers of Infrastructure and IT security solutions in the country. Our Security professionals have an in-depth understanding of IT security risk assessment, prevention, mitigation and management. Our security professionals also understand how to ensure technical compliance to various security standards, and also put in place automation to prevent configuration drifts.

Our security solutions and services include:

  • Security solutions and services for the Cloud, Datacenter, Network, End point security, application and mobility security
  • Assess security risks, and architect your security infrastructure with the right processes and policies
  • Perimeter security – Next generation firewalls, Intrusion protection and detection
  • Protection from ransomware, virus, malware and DDOS attacks
  • Vulnerability assessments and remediation
  • Monitoring your network, detecting and alerting internal security violations, exceptions and attacks
  • Managing compliance with security standards such as : ISO 27001, SOX, PCI-DSS 24x7x365 security monitoring and emergency response

Our Security partners include: CISCO, Palo Alto, Trend Micro, Symantec, Radware

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