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Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Reducing IT spending is essential to maintain and grow your competitive advantage. Remote infrastructure management services from Frontier not only reduce your spends, but also increases efficiency and availability of your IT

Remote Infrastructure Management

As an organization’s ITSM matures, Remote Infrastructure Management is a model that organizations are increasingly turning to as the next step in optimizing IT infrastructure investments. While the costs come down, SLA’s ensure high uptime. An added benefit is that heightened security consciousness actually results in more systematic and process driven management practices.

Benefits of implementing RIM based delivery services

  • Increased returns – By adopting Remote Infrastructure Model, problems are resolved proactively leading to reduced support costs resulting in tremendous savings and extending scarce resources
  • Enhanced service quality and business user satisfaction – End users are extremely happy as most of the problems are fixed remotely and with the least amount of downtime
  • Enhanced first contact resolutions – Any information about the problem, the recommended solution and its effectiveness is reported, thereby getting the user to the right person for help which improves the overall experience and the first call resolution rate
  • Continuous service improvement – Periodic reviews provide insight into its adoption, usage and effectiveness. The reports provide a better understanding of user’s needs and cons

Experience Certainty with Frontiers RIM services

Highly flexible RIM services:

You can choose which devices and services you would like managed – servers, network, security, cloud.. You decide what you want services for one month, one year or longer term contracts – choose what you need and works best for you.

Vendor neutral:

We manage services and devices of all vendors. We are truly vendor neutral.

ITIL Compliant processes :Our service delivery is ITIL compliant to ensure structured and high standards of service delivery.

Expert services

Draw on our expertise honed over the last two decades in design, implementation and management of complex IT infrastructure systems in Enterprise environments. Some salient features of our RIM services:

  • Flexible monitoring and management plans
  • 24x7x365 operations
  • L1 and L2 support through RIM. L3 support onsite
  • Monitor progress of your ticket in our tool
  • Choice of monitoring tools for different services and service levels
  • Structured service delivery and mature service governance
  • Emergency response teams for security incidents
  • Intelligent monthly reports with recommendations for infrastructure improvements
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