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Frontier brings you Data Protection, Backup and Recovery from COMMVAULT

Your data — protected your way

Commvault’s integrated, automated data protection approach gives you a single, complete view of all your stored data no matter where it is — on-premises or in the cloud.

Back up your databases, files, applications, endpoints and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile. Integrate hardware snapshots. Optimize storage with deduplication. Recover your data rapidly and easily, whenever you need to, and leverage reports to continually improve your backup and recovery processes. Commvault software eliminates the separate data silos associated with traditional backup, archive and reporting products — in a vendor neutral solution that frees you from lock-in while reducing infrastructure requirements.

Frontier Business Systems is an Enterprise Partner for COMMVAULT. We have many successful installations of COMMVAULT, and our engineers have expertise in COMMVAULT.

Our teams also have extensive experience in Enterprise storage, software applications, Backup and recovery, BCP and DR.

VMs and the cloud

Cloud options seem to be the only thing growing faster than your data. Connecting your backups to the cloud won’t be an issue with Commvault. Backup and recover your virtual machines, structured and unstructured data with speed and scale – and remain agile by easily moving data between clouds to avoid lock-in.

More than 25 cloud storage platforms are supported by Commvault.


Some organizations are lucky enough to be standardized on a single DBMS, others are supporting databases ranging from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL. No matter where you fit, Commvault’s single solution will simplify backup and disaster recovery across your databases — from local servers to the cloud.

Backup everything : VM’s and the Cloud, Databases, Email and Collaboration, ERP Software, Files, Endpoints

Email and collaboration

Instead of spending your time searching for and recovering one user’s lost or deleted emails, give your users self-service access to search and restore messages without IT intervention. That frees you to think about more strategic challenges like archiving and moving to the cloud — just a couple more things we can help you with.

ERP software

Commvault makes it easy to protect your mission-critical SAP and Oracle ERP applications. Our single solution provides integrated, comprehensive data management and protection for your entire applications environment — helping you reduce complexities and keep up with increasing performance demands.


With Commvault backup and recovery, we don’t stop at file servers and storage arrays. Even business files stored in third-party file sharing applications can be protected in a secure, searchable and centralized virtual repository.


Commvault enables the data created and stored on laptops, desktops and more to be accessible anytime, anywhere — with a self-service recovery portal accessible from any web browser or mobile device.

Deduplication built in

Data continues to grow, but with deduplication you can get control of its incredible growth. Rather than requiring a separate hardware deduplication appliance, we’ve built deduplication into our software, giving you the flexibility to decide what and where to deduplicate. And, if want the convenience of an appliance, we offer that, too.

Up to 90% reduced network backup traffic

Backup everything in your datacentre and the cloud with a single software tool. For a discussion about COMMVAULT contact us:

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