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Frontier brings you Forcepoint for protection from Insider threats and network attacks. Secure your web and email and achieve Compliance easily

Gain visibility and control into user behavior to protect your critical data

Insider Threat Data Protection

To protect your organization from a hijacked system, stolen credentials, a rogue insider or an employee’s unintentional actions, you need the unrivaled visibility of Forcepoint’s Insider Threat Data Protection (ITDP) solution.

ITDP links data movement with user behavior to deliver complete data protection.

Forcepoint offers the most comprehensive insider threat solution in the industry to prevent breaches and keep your data secure.

Secure Your Highly Distributed Network Quickly and Reliably From a Single Console

In today’s world, organizations are more decentralized than ever before. Reliably enforcing a consistent set of security policies across your headquarters, corporate locations, divisions, branches, remote offices and even home offices is critical to your business. Even more so is doing all this without an army of people to manually configure and update each device.

Forcepoint gives you the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of next-generation firewalls from a single pane of glass. It integrates application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single, easy-to-deploy solution.


Achieve and Demonstrate Compliance Faster, Without Wasted Effort


Companies in regulated industries must comply with cybersecurity regulations, yet also keep their operations lean and competitive. We help you achieve both.

Organizations in financial services, healthcare, energy and other regulated industries must demonstrate compliance with regulations including Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and more. In such an environment, you know how important it is to get up to speed with compliance quickly, and to show improvement in adherence from one audit to the next.

Yet how do you keep the regulators happy — and genuinely improve your cybersecurity controls and tracking — without drowning in red tape? Let us show you how, using our comprehensive security product line and drawing on our decades of experience with regulated businesses and government agencies.

Forcepoint helps you maintain and demonstrate compliance with:

  • Pre-defined policies to address national and regional data protection regulations from almost 60 countries around the world
  • Easy setup that allows you to deploy our data loss prevention (DLP) solution in days, not months, using our set-up wizard and preconfigured templates
  • Streamlined reporting from our unified central management tools

Frontier Business Systems is an Enterprise Partner for Forcepoint. We have many successful installations of Forcepoint and our engineers can secure your data from various threats. Our teams also have extensive experience in Security compliance consulting and security compliance automation.

Security Solutions to Enable Your Organization’s Success

Multilevel Security

Multilevel, or Multi-Level, Security (MLS) is an approach to cybersecurity that calls for the physical separation of different networks — typically based on classification or sensitivity level — to protect an organization’s data. MLS originated in the defense and intelligence communities. Needing to secure data of varying degrees of sensitivity, these communities based their network segmentation model on their data classification schemes. This was a great model for security, but not always the most user-friendly or cost-effective.

For many years, the commercial world has taken quite a different approach to designing networks, deciding to keep them as commingled as possible. The aim has been to increase connectivity and usability while reducing costs.

Forcepoint’s multilevel solutions were developed to deliver the best of both worlds, maintaining the high degree of security required by defense and intelligence customers while providing a more user-friendly and cost-effective environment.

Secure Users’ Web & Email Everywhere – in Cloud, on the Road or in the Office

Unified Content Security

Your Business Is Changing – Your Security Has to Do More Than Just Keep Up

Your workforce is more mobile than ever, demanding instant access to data to remain productive and competitive — and broad, yet secure, access to Web and email. New advances in Cloud and mobility technologies enable the free flow of ideas and modes of working that can drive your organization’s success. Yet, they also come with increasingly complex risk as clever cyber criminals use these innovations to their advantage.

To stay protected in this increasingly distributed world, IT security leaders often feel pressured to add more layers of controls. But, point products produce more alerts and incident data than overworked and understaffed security teams can handle.

The result is more complexity in security management and increased operational costs, but less security.

The Unified Approach – Break free from point products

Real content security is about breaking free from point products solutions, with holistic protection from advanced threats, wherever their source may be. Our unified approach to security across Web, email and other channels protects your roaming users, mobile devices and office campuses without point products. Forcepoint delivers comprehensive, centrally managed protection that lets you move ahead confidently — wherever your data needs to be — while reducing operational costs.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Organizations in the EU and outside that are considered controllers and/or processors of EU citizen data will be required to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May of 2018. The new legislation will focus on data protection from the initial identification and protection of personal identifiable information (PII) through to the required prompt notification of a data breach incident to the relevant supervisory authority.

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat solutions help you maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance with these advantages:

  • Pre-defined policies to address national and regional data protection regulations from almost 60 countries around the world
  • Easy setup that allows you to deploy our data loss prevention (DLP) solution in days, not months, using our set-up wizard and preconfigured templates (including GDPR-compliant ones)
  • Streamlined reporting from our unified central management console
  • Incident Risk Ranking rapidly identify data incidents for immediate remediation action using statistical data modeling and behavioral baselining
  • Forcepoint SureView® Insider Threat (SVIT) uses behavioral analytics to give you the visibility of the early warning signs that users have been hijacked, gone rogue, or are just making mistakes
  • This early visibility can enable you to respond to data incidents in a timely manner and often before sensitive data gets breached or stolen

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