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Integrated Data Center Solutions

Scale your data center at will. Build big, or start small and grow over time. Standardized data center designs make scaling up easy. Integrated modular builds help you deploy and build your data center within weeks.

Integrated Data Center Solutions from Vertiv Smart Rows

SmartRow solves a problem all too common to IT management, addressing IT needs without building new data center space. Think of SmartRow as a data center in a row — a simple, fully integrated row-based infrastructure. SmartRow combines up to six data center racks — with precision cooling, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression — all in an enclosed system.

SmartMod Infrastructure

Deploying a new data center or migrating your network to an IP architecture is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. Doing so in a short timeframe seems nearly impossible. However, operators and carriers must make significant changes in order to improve agility, reduce operating costs and remain competitive. The SmartMod offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, prefabricated enclosure for modular data centers, cable landing stations, or network aggregation.

Frontier has been providing data center solutions for over two decades, and has expertise in all the elements – precision air cooling, fire suppressants, redundant UPS and generator power systems, electrical systems, surveillance systems, enterprise storage and computing and access controls


SmartCloset is the new standalone self-contained rack from Vertiv, along with inbuilt power and cooling. It facilitates the housing and trouble-free installation of active IT equipment like switches, routers, servers and so on – for which, an open environment is not conducive for healthy performance.

Turnkey Data Centers

Our Turnkey Data Center portfolio showcases our unique collaborative design-build process which delivers 0.5-30+ MW capacity for greenfield or brownfield sites that is deployed up to 50% faster than traditional construction and is optimized to solve each customer’s individual challenges.

Frontier is an Enterprise partner for Vertiv (earlier – Emerson) for over 20 years, and has a large team with experience in Integrated Data center solutions and Emerson UPS power systems

Rack Monitoring System

Knürr RMS Compact II Constant Reliability with Remote Monitoring System Reliability and Availability System and network management requirements mean the systems’ ambient conditions must be monitored. Compliance with the required ambient parameters is extremely important for successful/continuous operation of high-grade components.

Building a data center – whether you need a turnkey solution or smart solutions data center, Frontier can help. Contact us to speak to our data center and power consultants.

Expertise built over two decades

For the last twenty years, we have been designing, implementing and servicing the UPS requirements of enterprises. Our offerings span the complete spectrum of power solutions and power management. We partner with technology leaders and bring state of the art products and expertise backed power management services to our customers.

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