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Unified Communications

Unified Communications & Collaboration - empowering employees with productivity enhancing tools.

Technology today offers several ways of communication and collaboration. Employees need to use several means of communication to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers. Traditionally each communication technology has its own interface and requires the user to log in and manage each channel separately.

A Unified Communication technology integrates all the communication channels into a single interface making it easy for employees to stay easily connected at all times.

We have expertise in assessment, design, implementation and management of Unified Communication and collaboration technologies.

Single interface for multiple communication technologies

Unified communication is the integration of real-time services such as mobility, email, instant messaging,VoIP, conferencing, telepresence and other communication platforms. The user accesses all modes of communication from a single interface.

There are multiple technologies that enable collaboration and effective communication. We help organizations evaluate and select the most business appropriate technology that meets the criteria of performance and cost optimization. We ensure that our solutions and recommended technology works with the underlying infrastructure.Use our extensive experience to help you with the design, implementation and management of following technologies

How we work

Our teams have the experience of having designed and executed hundreds of projects with a mix of technologies, scale and collaboration and integration requirements. We partner with some of the best technology companies, and possess several technology certifications.

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Do we have any certifications like Green Pages?

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Green Pages holds the following Advanced Cisco Specializations:

  • Data Center Architecture
  • Collaboration Architecture
  • Security Architecture

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