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Cloud Lifecycle Services

Design, implementation, security, monitoring and management – Frontier offers services spanning the complete lifecycle

Compelling Benefits of Cloud

Cloud offers compelling benefits to IT organizations. They can add or reduce capacity at will and pay only for what they consume. Large enterprises are able to provide self service catalogs to their users. Provisioning on the public and private cloud are easily automated. Tools such as Chef and Puppet, and Cloud Management Platforms such as Openstack, HP CSA or BMC CLM, allow IT departments to manage compliance and administration with ease.

The Cloud is a compelling proposition for businesses from all Industry verticals, and businesses of all sizes. Moving small or large chunks of their IT to the cloud is inevitable.

Mid sized organizations can access enterprise grade applications such as SAP paying a small monthly fee. Cloud providers also comply with the Security requirements of standards such as HIPAA, making it a compelling proposition for smaller organizations to have easy IT compliance by just hosting their IT on the cloud. New businesses can start with their IT on the cloud paying monthly bills. In the past a major chunk of their capital would just go into IT investments.

Cloud is Complex

Software solutions such as or Office 365 give an impression that the cloud is easy to set up and use. In reality, only Software as a Service is relatively simple. You sign up and start using it immediately.

Architecting IT solutions on the cloud that need servers, storage and networking is a complex task. It requires expertise in the underlying technologies, and also experience in setting up and managing these in on-premise installations. Essentially all the skills and experience required for on-premise solution architecting is necessary. On top of this, an in-depth understanding of the Cloud Provider’s architecture, operations, load balancing and pricing is absolutely necessary.

Frontier Simplifies the Complex

Frontier brings to the Cloud : Eight years of Virtualization experience, four years of Cloud expertise and twenty years of IT infrastructure solutions and services experience in the enterprise.

We design cost-effective ,scalable cloud solutions, implements, monitors and manages the Cloud services right through its lifecycle. Frontier simplifies moving to the cloud for organizations of all sizes. It offers certainty in delivering solutions that work and perform as desired.

Robust Partner Eco System

Providing technically superior solutions calls for partnerships with leaders in technology. Frontier partners with all the leading Cloud Technology providers : AWS, Softlayer, Azure, Trend Micro, HPE, McAfee, Cloudberry, Blue Leaf Software, and many others.


Industry Certified Skills

Frontier has invested in training and certification to Industry standards. Its technical teams possess all the advanced certifications needed to design, deploy and manage complex cloud solutions for the enterprise.

The technical team has expertise across the entire IT infrastructure stack: Servers, Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Databases, Software applications, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Security, DevOps and SysOps . As an organization, we know traditional IT, Hybrid IT, Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds.

Our Managed services will help you optimize your Cloud services for performance and costs. The monitoring team scans your cloud services and applications round the clock through the year for performance and security. Support team members move in to quickly remediate any problems or to take immediate measures against security threats and breaches.

Support round the clock through the year

A 24/7 helpdesk driven by ITIL Service Management standards stands by to help customers through the year. Our Cloud management portal adds muscle to your cloud services by providing a single pane of glass across multiple cloud services. Use our DevOps and SysOps services to automate your cloud and accelerate product development. Whether it is backup, DR, enterprise productivity solutions, private cloud, self-service catalogs or a host of other services, we provide and manage them. We are a one-stop shop for anything and everything in Cloud.

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