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Fault Tolerant Solutions

Ensure Continuous availability of your application with zero down time . Fault tolerant solutions for physical and virtual servers

With increasing dependence of business on technology, availability of IT systems and applications becomes critical. Application downtimes have a severe impact on business performance. To ensure business continuity, fault tolerant technology is adopted to provide high availability, and prevent data loss in the event of system failure.

Protect your critical applications using fault tolerant solutions

Physical server fault tolerant solution works on the principle of master & slave, to deliver uninterrupted service, wherein two separate systems are mirrored synchronously. In the event of failure of the master or main system machine, the slave or secondary system takes over and there is zero downtime.

Hardware based fault tolerance solution provide fault tolerance benefit at the server-operating-system level; whereas, software based fault tolerant solutions provide fault tolerance at the application level. Therefore, combination of both extends the benefit of fault tolerance to both :operating system and application

Frontier has the capability of implementing both hardware-based & software-based fault tolerant solution. We can build fault tolerance into physical servers as well as virtualized servers.

Virtualized servers too can have fault tolerance built in. There are a range of solutions available for building fault tolerance into virtualized servers from vendors such as VMware and Stratus.

How can frontier help?

We have executed hundreds of fault tolerant solutions over the last two decades. Our expertise spans fault tolerant solutions for physical and virtual servers. At the enterprise level, we have also executed several backup and DR projects.

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