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ScaleIO: Revolutionizing Storage Solutions

ScaleIO is a software-defined storage (SDS) solution that provides scalable, high-performance storage for a variety of workloads, including virtual machines, databases, and applications. Discover the power of ScaleIO, a cutting-edge software-defined storage (SDS) solution designed to transform your storage infrastructure.

Here's why ScaleIO stands out:

  • Flexible Hardware Support: ScaleIO is a software product compatible with a variety of hardware, offering adaptability to your specific needs.
  • Distributed Architecture: Built on a distributed architecture, ScaleIO pools storage resources from multiple servers into a unified global namespace, ensuring seamless scalability and efficiency.
  • Exceptional Advantages: Experience unmatched scalability, performance, efficiency, and resilience, surpassing traditional storage systems’ limitations.
  • ScaleIO Ready Nodes: Streamline your setup with ScaleIO Ready Nodes, pre-configured and validated building blocks featuring PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors, optimized for ScaleIO SDS.
  • Performance Excellence: Achieve up to 1.8X more database orders per minute, accelerate business operations by 87%, and enjoy up to 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to traditional SAN solutions.
  • Data Center Grade Solution: ScaleIO is your go-to solution for robust block storage requirements, offering data center grade SDS using software and x86 standard servers.
  • Virtualization Principles: Applying server virtualization principles to storage, ScaleIO utilizes software and industry-leading PowerEdge servers to create a high-performance SDS infrastructure.
  • All-Flash Configurations: ScaleIO Ready Node All-Flash configurations are tailored for mission-critical enterprise workloads, ensuring top-notch performance, extensive capacity, and cost efficiency.

    Experience storage redefined with ScaleIO, the ultimate solution for your storage challenges. Embrace unmatched performance, flexibility, and efficiency, all backed by our industry-leading technology!

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