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Consulting And Professional Services

Consulting and Professional services

Technology is evolving rapidly, and the supply of skilled resources is getting scarcer on account of accelerating demand. Organizations are more dependent on technology than ever before, and the competitiveness of businesses or lack of it is to a some extent determined by the flexibility and agility of your IT.

Organizations are also finding it difficult to attract and retain highly skilled talent, as these professionals are looking for ongoing challenges to keep their skills sharp and updated. To them, working in a end user environment is not very appealing as technology upgrades and refreshes are slower compared to technology vendors and system integration companies.

Frontier can help with its Consulting and Professional Services for your datacenter, private, public and hybrid cloud.

Frontier’s Consulting and Professional services can add critical value to your organization by helping you devise your IT strategy and implement it. We have the expertise to architect, implement, secure and manage IT infrastructure solutions in your datacenter, private, public or hybrid cloud.

Professional services for IT infrastructure implementation and optimization

We offer extensive services around your network, virtualization initiatives, end user computing and server computing. Our services include:

  • Network design assessment services, Network Performance assessment services, Network Security assessment service
  • Server consolidation & Migration services, Virtual Design assessment services, Virtual Server Health assessment services, Virtual environment Security assessment, Virtual Desktop Health assessment service
  • OS upgrade services, Active Directory Migration services, Exchange Migration services, Microsoft Cluster implementation services. Datacenter relocation services
  • Power Quality Audit. Thermography Audit

Design services - Expertise across the entire IT infrastructure stack

In today’s complex IT environment, any good design demands knowledge and expertise across the entire IT stack and multiple technologies. IT Solution architects need to not only understand the client’s IT today, but needs to have a deep understanding of new and emerging technologies and trends in adoption to be able to design solutions that can stand the test of time and not get obsoleted.

We can help you architect solutions across all the technology domains: Networking, HCI, Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud, Unified Communications, Unified Computing, Enterprise and Cloud security, End user computing, Mobility, Uninterrupted Power solutions, HVAC, datacenter design, Smart building solutions


Excellence in implementing IT Infrastructure Solutions requires planning, a detail oriented approach, knowledge of deployment and automation options available . We have extensive experience in deploying IT infrastructure Solutions across different domains and technologies. Our teams technical skills are certified by all the major technology Providers.

Wherever required and feasible we utilize technology solutions for minimizing deployment errors, and building repeatable processes for mass deployments when needed.

For large scale implementations, our teams can write scripts to automate deployment and ensure configurations of provisioned systems. We use various automation tools for provisioning and preventing configuration drifts.

ITIL Alignment

We employ industry best practices in deploying and managing your IT infrastructure. Our Service Delivery is aligned to ITIL. This helps us deliver optimized IT management services and results in reliable and secure implementations.

Project Management Approach

All implementation projects are managed by our Project Management Office. You get a clear implementation plan before we start. All projects have a Project leader with clear governance and escalation matrices in place. We strive to deliver all projects within agreed upon time frames.

Span of Vendors for Professional Services

We offer services across all the Vendor products we deal with. Here are some of the vendors around whose products we offer professional services:

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