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Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Assessment

Enhance and ensure the success of your desktop virtualization with Frontier’s Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure Assessment. Identify which users and applications can get the most benefit from virtualization.

The Desktop virtualization challenge

The effect of Server Virtualization is limited to IT. However Desktop virtualization has far reaching effects and requires change in how end users work. While the end user wants more freedom and flexibility, the IT department would like to have greater control and ensure security and manageability. By balancing end-user and IT requirements by enabling isolation, encapsulation, desktop virtualization can provide a dynamic environment that meets user’s needs, even while remaining under the control of IT.

Frontier Business Systems is a pioneer in design and implementation of Virtualization solutions. We are one of the earliest VMWare partners in India and have a decade’s experience in Virtulization and Application delivery solutions. Frontier also offers expert services in design, deployment and management of Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds.

We have the experience of virtualizing over a thousand servers and many more desktops. Our teams have advanced certification in VMWare Virtualization such as : VCDX, VCIX, VCAP and VCP.

Why a Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure assessment

Considering the widespread impact of desktop virtualization, and also the large number of end-user applications, success of the desktop virtualizaton initiative will depend on ensuring high success and end-user satisfaction rates in the initial stages. Considering the complexity, it also calls for a detailed analysis of existing network usage, feasibility of end-user applications virtualization, hardware and storage requirements, and a predictive analysis of costs, savings.

Frontier’s Desktop Virtualization infrastructure can deliver answers to the above questions, and solutions to the issues outlined. Our Assessment services will help determine:

Considering response time and agility, which are the user groups and application that will benefit most from desktop virtualization.

To achieve success, what is the order in which those user groups and applications should be virtualized.

The assessment will also help you determine:

  • Defining end user ” use cases”
  • Classify end user groups and prioritize virtualization appropriateness
  • Analyze your overall IT environment for virtualization readiness

The Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure Assessment approach

We follow a four stage approach:


Our consultants will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your current infrastructure, end users, applications and project and technical requirements. They will also understand your primary business drivers.

Data Collection:

Using a combination of assessment questionnaires and tool sets they will gather information which will help define end user use cases and user and application appropriateness and prioritize for virtualization . Data collected will include inventory, usage and performance data regarding desktop inventory, end user and application environments.

Data Analysis:

We arrive at a Gap Analysis by comparing requirements against current environment. Use cases are developed by classifying users into groups depending on their requirements. Using several evaluation criteria a hierarchy of virtualization readiness is developed and the user groups classified as Excellent, Fair and Inappropriate candidates for desktop virtualization.

Comprehensive Report:

Our consultants will provide a detailed report at the end of the Assessment. The recommendations will serve as a roadmap to your organization’s desktop virtualization initiative.

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