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Data Center Relocation

Data Center relocation is not a job for packers and movers. Relocation of data centers requires in-depth expertise in IT infrastructure coupled with expertise and experience in management of Complex projects.

An experienced Data Center Relocation Service provider can not only minimize the many risks involved, but can also work with you in gaining new efficiencies and preventing bottlenecks in the new location.

Data relocations services from Frontier Business Systems helps reduce your relocation risks by managing the complexity, costs and schedule by leveraging our IT infrastructure expertise, even while we help meet your application availability critical for your business, and at the same time tools across different stages of the relocation.

We follow a structured methodology to data center relocation:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Implementation


During this phase it is our objective to identify all the critical applications and services that run in the data center. We also map and capture critical configurations of equipment that needs to be replicated in the new site. This inventory of data, services, applications and IT equipment along with configurations is documented.

Frontier Business Systems has the experience of setting up and relocating several data centers. We provide solutions and services across the entire IT Infrastructure technology stack: Networking, Enterprise computing, Storage, Virtualization, Security, Structure cabling, UPS power, Smart building systems, Private, Hybrid and Public clouds. We have delivered several enterprise IT projects successfully for over two decades.

Analysis and Planning

We analyze your inventory, applications, services, data and configurations to identify physical and logical dependencies. This determines our approach to the migration in terms of sequencing and order of movement.

We discuss and understand the criticality of different applications, acceptable down-time and ideal times of the week and day for a shut-down and transition. Depending on the criticality, we also work with you to decide relocation options such as temporary transition services which will run on temporary equipment while we move your equipment to the target premises.

Opportunities for consolidation, virtualization and obviating data center obsolescence (factors that caused the current data center to be inadequate) are other factors that are evaluated before the relocation. A data center relocation is an ideal time for a review of operational and strategic initiatives to increase the effectiveness and security of IT services.

The result of this analysis is a detailed Project plan that includes timelines, roles and responsibilities, equipment lists, decommissioning time and order of decommissioning. The order of re-installation, testing and vendor re-certification (where applicable) is detailed. Interim operations, stakeholders such as customer and employee communications are part of the plan. It also lists vendor and supplier details, packers and movers, miscellaneous suppliers and the roles and supplies from each. Various risks are anticipated and contingency plans outlined.


Relocation teams are formed comprising members from Frontier and the client. The Project plan is the primary document for the implementation and the implementation is rolled out based on the plan. Transit and equipment insurance is discussed with the client and effected. The relocation and re-installation is monitored by our Project management team, and our specialists from UPS power, Structured cabling, Networking, Storage, Computing and Security. Post re-installation, testing is done jointly by Frontier and the client, and data center goes live. Frontier’s technical team continues working with client onsite and off-site for the pre-agreed period of time post the data center going live to iron out any technical issues that crop up post going live.

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