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Frontier brings you The Most Advanced, Automated & Secure Enterprise Digital Rights Management. Secure your information wherever it travels with Seclore EDRM.Your information is all over the place. And the growing use of file sharing and personal devices is making it even more challenging to secure and control your information. You can now secure sensitive information wherever it travels with Seclore’s EDRM. Brought to you by FrontierGranular, Persistent Usage PoliciesWherever Files go, you Remain in Control of Who can Access the File, What They can do, From Where, and for how Long

Flexible Methods for Protecting Files

Files can be Protected as They are Created, or Through Automated Methods

Easily Access Protected Files

Recipients can Access Protected Files on any Device With Light-Weight Agents or Just a Browser!

Any File Type can be Protected

Whatever Files Need Protecting, Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management has you Covered!

Track & Audit File Usage

Make Audits Easy and Intervention Fast With Consolidated Insights on File Usage

Secure File Sharing

Make Files Stored on the Cloud as Secure as Files Stored in Your On-Premise Data Center With Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management

Secure Data Consumed by Third-Party Applications

Secure Your Data With Persistent Controls and Automatic Expiration

Frontier is the Enterprise partner for Seclore’s EDRM. We have assessed, installed, configured and managed Seclore EDRM for many customers. Our engineers have a deep understanding of security compliance standards as well as security technology. We will ensure best practice configurations for your EDRM.

Why Seclore for Securing External Collaboration

Seclore is the most automated and adopted Enterprise Digital Rights Management system in the world. With deep expertise, ease-of-use, advanced technology, and connectivity that delivers automated file protection, Seclore will empower your business to strike the right balance between security and collaboration.

Most Advanced – Especially for External Collaboration

Identity Federation and Single Sign-On

Sharing protected files with external recipients is where the big ROI for Rights Management is achieved. Seclore ensures a smooth authentication experience for external recipients by integrating seamlessly with your IAM/SSO systems or enables users to authenticate with any other federation method.

Browser-Based Access and Light-Weight Agents

Recipients can access protected content through their browser – no agent needed. Or they can install (without admin rights) our Lite Clients for Windows and Mobile Devices for a bit more functionality with minimal effort.

Device and OS Agnosticism

Refuse to be tied down to a particular device or platform. Recipients can access protected content on any device. Any platform. And any OS. In less time than you can say “independence.”

Any File Protection

Remove stumbling blocks. With Seclore you can protect any type of file with 3 W’s: who can control the file, when, and from which device. For 64 of the most highly used file formats, you get even more control: who, when, which device, and what the user can do with the file.

Flexible Protection Methods

Automate as much as you can….and make it easy when you can’t. Files can be protected automatically (e.g. usage policies are attached as files are downloaded from an ECM system) or manually (e.g. place a file in a protected folder or right click on the file itself).

Automated User On-Boarding

Sending a protected document to someone for the first time? Experience a fully automated user on boarding process. Upload users in bulk. Or empower employees to invite and approve external users themselves. Strongest and Deepest Security

Would you like to know more? Call us for a discussion and talk to our security experts

Depth and Granularity of Usage Controls

Enforce usage controls deeper than you ever imagined. Define WHO (users, groups) can use a file, for WHAT purpose (viewing, editing, printing, copying content, running macros, taking screenshots), WHEN (date range, until an expiry date), and WHERE (specific device or computer, IP address).

The depths that we will go to…

Largest Breadth of File Format and Application Support

Microsoft Office, PDF, AutoCAD, Visio, TXT, and over 60 other file formats can be protected with the 4 W’s (who, what, where, when). And any file can be protected with 3 W’s (who, where, when). No matter what application or file format you use – we’ve got you covered.

Independent Product Base

Seclore is an independent, self-contained unit. No other frameworks are required. No third-party or external involvement is needed. It’s all our own IP – from the ground up. It removes finger pointing or leaving you in the lurch.

Limited Privileges for Administrators and Power Users

Even administrators and power users are unable to access any protected content. Heck – they can’t even access the logs unless they’re allowed to.

Separation of Keys and Contents

Key management is the key to robust security. With Seclore, keys and content are always kept separate. Keys are always stored in the database – except in the rare case of the offline right being given to the recipient.

Multi-Factor Authentication Support

Use any combination of authentication factors – ranging from a username and password to a retina scan. Most Connected and Automated Enterprise Rights Management

Make File-Centric Security a Natural Part of your Infrastructure

Seclore is the most integration-friendly ERM system in the world. It can be used as an infrastructural element – a full-fledged file-centric security layer in your infrastructure – rather than just as a point solution that only works with some of your systems.

Robust Library of Pre-Built Connectors

‘Seclore’ the application of your choice by using pre-built connectors. Plug Seclore into your applications – IAM, ERP, EFSS, ECM ,DLP systems, – and extend your security to documents wherever they go.

Automated File Protection

The connectors are cool, but what they really do is enable you to automatically secure your files as they are downloaded (from ECM and ERP) as they are discovered (by DLP) or as they are shared (EFSS). Automated protection = rapid adoption of file-centric protection!

Policy Federation

To further promote automated file protection, Seclore’s Policy Federation means you can leverage the policies already created in existing systems and map the ‘access policies’ to full ‘usage’ policies. You can now add Rights Management without adding more work creating and managing policies!

For Everything Else – Robust APIs

Use our robust, easy-to-use APIs to easily build the connector of your choice. In fact, our libraries are so easy to use, almost anyone can build – and has built – Seclore Connectors. Perfect for adding file-centric security to your legacy systems!

Deepest Expertise in Rights Management

Seclore Rights Management – Six Years Ahead of the Pack

Making a great product doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hundreds of deployments with thousands of users to build an ERM solution that is readily adopted by your employees and external users. We’ve been focused on ERM and nothing else for six years. That’s why our product is the best in the market.

Experts in How to Best Deploy and Utilize ERM

With over 400 implementations, we know where ERM has the biggest impact in an organization. Our experienced consultants are leveraging years of detailed business use cases and best practices on ERM usage and adoption to ensure you obtain the highest ROI and adoption.

The More you Integrate, the More you Automate

Want to get the fastest ROI and adoption of ERM? Take advantage of our robust library of pre-built connectors and easily add ERM to your existing DLP, ERP, EFSS and ECM systems. By connecting, you will automatically protect documents as they are discovered, downloaded and shared. And after hundreds of deployments, we know that automation is the key to rapidly closing your security gaps.

Most Proven, Scalable & Supportable

Over 400 Customers in 29 Countries are Secloring Their Files

We know how to deploy and scale highly adopted ERM implementations. We’ve been doing it longer than any other vendor out there. Many of our customers are enabling thousands of the employees to protecting thousands of documents a day across dozens of global locations.

The Devil’s in the Details

With hundreds of complex deployments under our belts, we’ve been able to create the most scalable, adopted ERM solution in the market. That means you can be assured that Seclore will be easily deployed, readily adopted, easily supported, and fully scalable to your business needs.

Automatic Updates and Patching

Seclore agents update automatically without any user inputs. Smart algorithms ensure that your network bandwidth is used as efficiently as possible.

Built-In Troubleshooting

Seclore agents have built-in ‘detect and repair’ functionality that performs basic troubleshooting. This sequence is run every time the computer is restarted and can be run manually too. It solves the majority of issues itself – in less time than you say “support!” Or you call Support – we’re readily to help 7 X 24.

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