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Experience Fluid-Like Automation with Redhat & Frontier

Explore Redhat's Automational efficiency with Frontier's Automation and Application Management Expertise.

Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes all the tools needed to implement enterprise-wide automation, including playbooks and analytics. It allows users to centralize and control their IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, and more to reduce operational complexity.

Significant reduction in deployment and configuration time

Agentless configuration management

One-stop for Multi-tier deployment and change management

Frontier & Ansible

Kick start your automation journey

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes Automation Analytics, which enables operations team members to analyze usage, uptime, and execution patterns across different teams running Ansible Automation Platform.

What can Red Hat Ansible Automate?

Leverage Frontier's standard automation library

Automate infra and app deployments

Build a custom automation library

Customized organisation specific solution

User friendly interface

User friendly dashboard, security and version control

Comprehensive Management Services

End to end management of the automation platform

Join the force with Frontier's Automation Team

Openshift Platform

A Kubernetes container platform designed for enterprise use and an open hybrid cloud strategy. It offers a unified application platform for managing hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments.

Improved business agility

Low infrastructure cost

Faster time-to-market

Experience efficiency & ease of work with Openshift & Frontier.

Frontier & Openshift

OpenShift allows you to choose where you build, deploy, and execute applications, be it in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge, providing a uniform and consistent experience. OpenShift's full-stack automated operations and self-service provisioning for developers enable teams to collaborate more efficiently in moving ideas from development to production.

5x times return on investment

Record high productivity for an App developer

Lowest ever 5-year cost of operations

Trifold features added every year

Highest revenue collected per year per organisation

70% lesser unplanned downtime

Distinguished efficiency in IT infrastructure teams

Join the force with Frontier's Application Management Expertise