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Explore innovation in data management with Cohesity & Frontier

Powered by AI and cyber-resilient.

Cohesity Solutions

Protect Your Business from Sophisticated Cybercrimes.
Get started with Next-Gen Data Management.

Modernize Backup and Recovery

Simple, on-premises backup and recovery solutions that can be delivered as a service or at the edge may significantly improve your organization's security and resilience online.

Cohesity Ransomware Recovery

A data security architecture that integrates backup snapshots and AI-based early detection can protect and recover at scale against ransomware.

Data Security and Governance

Using Cohesity's security-first next-generation data management system, you can significantly reduce the danger of ransomware and data exfiltration.

Cohesity & Frontier

With Frontier's expertise in IT management and Cohesity's cutting-edge technology, you can protect, secure, and manage your data the way you want to. You can now use Data Management as a Service (DMaaS), with Frontier's fast deployment platform.

Data Storage

Using Frontier's configurable storage and data transfer services, you may store and back up your data with Cohesity solutions.

Managed Services

Cohesity products may be integrated into your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure with the support of Frontier's professional services.

Cloud Migration Support

CDW and Cohesity have teamed together to provide tailored assistance for implementation, migration, and administration of cloud technologies.

Frontier can help you succeed in next-generation data management.