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Reimagine your business application portfolio for ongoing innovation

Our cloud application experts can help you architect
and launch powerful apps.

Be ahead of the curve

Advance your business outcomes and gain a competitive edge.

Quickly Adapt with Market Changes

Stay relevant and adjust applications with market changes to achieve productivity improvements and competitive gains. Modernizing applications in the cloud can build a flexible foundation for future innovation.

New Customer Experiences

Outdated legacy applications can hinder user improvements. With modern cloud applications, companies can evolve with customer expectations to deploy new experiences, drive deeper relationships, and strengthen brand reputation

Boost Efficiencies

Gain process efficiencies and improve business performance. Modernized applications can spark new ideas, enhance production, and strengthen company culture by automating tasks, removing tedious tasks, and speeding your time to market.

Power Your Applications with Crimson's Suite of Capabilities

Our certified cloud specialists can help bridge the gap between your legacy systems and architecture to a full container-based development environment. Through intelligent design, you can modularize and accelerate application development. This enables developers to invest the time on managing mission critical applications, not the infrastructure stack of your applications.

Our experts can help you reduce architectural risk and maximize the benefits of microservices; with actionable advice and assessments. We're well versed in everything from security and compliance to deployment, testing, and application health monitoring. We're also here to help your business optimize applications using microservices.

With serverless architectures you eliminate server management and capacity planning, freeing your developers to focus on core product functionality. Our experienced cloud experts can help you maximize efficiencies during development.

Frontier/ Crimson + Redhat & Nutanix Centre of Excellence

Accelerate Application Modernization and Automation on Hybrid Cloud

IT continues to be under intense pressure to increase agility and speed delivery of new functionality for lines of business. With traditional approaches no longer meeting the challenge, many organizations are turning to containers to bring application portability, greater efficiency, and improve agility. At Crimson, we are responding aggressively to demand for containerization projects. We have already announced more than 200+ engineers trained in containerization and Kubernetes.

We are now thrilled to announce a further strengthening of our containerization capabilities with the creation of a Red Hat Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on Red Hat OpenShift and Redhat Ansible , the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-ready Kubernetes containerization platform accelerated through Ansible.

Crimson Cloud Kubernetes Service makes hybrid a reality for every organization.

Redhat built Redhat Openshift so that any organization could thrive in a world of hybrid possibility.

Application Modernization Services



Stakeholder Workshops


Focus Groups




Ideate on technology solutions

Whiteboard new experiences



Translate to digital mockups

Design Experiences

Solution Design



Component Architecture

Stakeholder Review

Technology & Business Valuation



Solution Blueprint

Stakeholder Buy-In


Readiness Assessment


Deployment Topology

Plan (Capacity, Schedule, Cost)


Platform Deployment

Target Cloud/ On Prem Platforms




Solution Implementation



Solution Build



Operational Readiness

24/7 Service Desk


Patch/ Upgrade

Backup/ Recovery

Security Updates

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