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Protect all of your data, apps, and systems by integrating cybersecurity measures with Acronis & Frontier

Software for backup, disaster recovery, cloud storage, and ransomware prevention.


Acronis is a leading provider of backup, disaster recovery, and secure data access solutions for businesses of all sizes. A comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions for all customer protection needs - from backup and disaster recovery to anti-malware and digital signatures - with a service provider-friendly design that includes a multi-tenant portal, unified service delivery, white labelling options, PSA/RMM integrations, and consumption-based billing.

Backup & Recovery

Recovering your apps, systems, and data from any kind of disaster in a matter of minutes or hours.

Anti-Malware Protection

Protects against ransomware and cryptomining threats, using next-generation AI/ML-based malware detection technology.

Security & administration

A comprehensive but user-friendly endpoint management tools that helps IT departments save time and money.

With Acronis, you get a new generation of breakthrough data protection technologies that address the five pillars of cyber protection: safety, accessibility, privacy, Authenticity, and Security (reliability, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and security , in short: SAPAS).

Acronis & Frontier

Defend your company, data, and employees against the ever-increasing number of cyber-threats. Zero Day exploits are equally as dangerous as known threats, and our security services can defend your systems from both.

General integrated service delivery platform.

Delivering a complete set of cyber protection from a single platform

The Cyber ​​Cloud simplifies service bundling

Unifying data protection and cybersecurity to protect all data, applications and systems with Frontier.