Content Delivery Networks / Virtualization Application Delivery

Web or mobile content acceleration, video streaming or software downloads, Improve availability & performance by decreasing latency through CDN.


Websites with high traffic & global reach face the problem of increased latency & delay in delivery of requested content to the end-user leading to an increase in end-user abandonment rates. This brings in a demand for a solution which can optimize content for the device, browser & reduce bandwidth required. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) do precisely this.

Content Delivery Networks distribute a variety of intelligent applications and employ techniques designed to optimize content delivery. It uses technologies such as web caching, server-load balancing, request routing, and content services to ensure faster delivery to the user.

The CDN nodes are deployed in several edge locations across the targeted geographic regions. When a request for a resource comes in, the request is routed to the edge location nearest to the visitor’s . This shortens the distance between the end-user and website hosting server, thereby improving site rendering speed & performance.

CDN makes your web delivery infrastructure fast, timely, robust, scalable, engaging and reliable

Studies shows that a second-long delay cause 7% drop in conversion, 11% drop in page view & 16 % drop in customer satisfaction. CDN solves the problem with shorter page load time and greater page impressions leading to happier visitors & higher rates of conversion.

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We have delivered several CDN projects over the years, and partner with some of the major providers of CDN. You can expect a solution customized for your application and optimized for cost and performance.

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