Hyper Converged Infrastructure / Enterprise Computing

Hyper Converged Infrastructure also called HCI reduces the complexity of managing multiple storage and computing devices from different vendors.


HCI is a software centric architecture that integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a commodity hardware box that is supported by a single vendor and managed through a single easy to use but scalable software application. As a result organizations can easily manage complex infrastructure, and HCI is emerging as a technology that can be deployed in organizations of all sizes.

Some benefits of HCI

Deploy VM's at speed of Cloud : Easily add VM's with a few clicks. Any generalist can be used for deployment.

Experience Simplified IT operations: You can easily update firmware and drives. Get high data availability. Features data mobility across systems and cloud

Reduce costs: Pay as you grow - easily add or remove capacity and lower costs for DR

  • Software defined nature of HCI provides agility and flexibility
  • You can use commodity X86 hardware which reduces cost
  • Reduces storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Easier management: storage, compute and network can be managed through software as a single system
  • Easier to scale in or out
  • Helps easy backup and restore

Do you need HCI and if Yes, which one?

Whether you need to move to HCI or not is dependent on multiple factors such as: when your hardware refresh is due, applications you intend to deploy, urgency of business requirements for storage and compute, budgetary constraints, viability of private, hybrid and public cloud options, Security compliance requirements, BCP and DR considerations amongst several factors to be weighed.

There are multiple vendors offering various capacities, features and configurations of HCI. Selecting an appropriate HCI for your requirements can be a complex task since several factors need to be weighed such as: Hardware dependencies. Nodal architecture of the HCI, manageability, hardware utilization efficiencies, DRAM support, fitness to purpose, redundancy and availability.

Frontier can help you in evaluation the selection of best-fit HCI for your datacenter

We work with all the major HCI vendors, have decades of experience in datacenter technologies, compute and storage. Frontier is a leading solution provider of virtualization, private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.

Vendors we work with

  • EMC
  • NetApp
  • Nutanix

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