HPE Simplivity - Hyperconverge

The best hyperconverged platform for the enterprise. Combines data services that are best-in-class with a server that is a worldwide bestseller
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HPE Simplivity 380

It is the industry's most complete and comprehensive solution for hyperconverged infrastructire. The Simplivity solution features VM-centric management and its compression and deduplication features are always-on.

A Powerhouse

This hyper converged solution is a powerhouse and is capable of running some of the most resilient and efficient data centers in the world. It simplifies IT through a combination of infrastructure and data services for virtualized workloads and transforms it into the bestselling hyperconverged server platform in the market.

Compact. Comes installed on HPE Proliant server

HPE SimpliVity is available on HP ProLiant DL380 servers and is a 2U rack-mounted building block that is scalable. It delivers server, storage and networking services for storage.

Hyperconverged.  Hyper Scalable. Hyper Simple..

 Organizations face many IT challenges raised by the rapid proliferation of applications, and the ever escalating costs of maintaining legacy infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity provides a simple solution to these challenges by combining advanced data services and your IT infrastructure into a single integrated solution. HPE Simplivity is powerful but simple. It is an efficient hyperconverged platform that combines the world's best selling server with the best-in-class data services.

Simplivity drives huge gains


Capacity savings Up To 90% 

You get savings on capacity across storage and backup enabled by Always-on compression and deduplication that enables powerful application performance.


A 1TB VM can be restored in Under 60 Seconds

HPE SimpliVity features simple centralized management. You can administer all operations through the hypervisor management console. All policies in your entire environment can be easily and rapidly updated


TCO savings of  73% TCO 

When compared to the public cloud or traditional infrastructure, you can achieve very significant TCO savings through improvement overall efficiency throughout your business


50% hike in staff productivity

A simple, easy to 'understand and manage' interface considerably eliminates the need for multiple experts, and also reduces the administration time required.

HPE SimpliVity 380

It delivers a dual benefit to enterprises. While it gives you the control and governance that is possible with on-premises IT, it also delivers the agility and economics of the Cloud.

Powerful Features

HPE SimpliVity 380, is available on HPE ProLiant DL380 Servers. Rack mounted, compact and scalable. 

Great Flexibility

HPE Simplivity delivers features advanced functionalities and enables large improvements to the performance of virtualized workloads at a cost that is a fraction of running a traditional infrastructure stack.


Modernize Your Infrastructure

Full consolidation of your software and hardware devices delivers the true power of hyperconvergence. HPE Simplivity achieves this by combining your entire infrastructure to form a simple and flexible building block. This drastically reduces the complexity of your IT, which in turn results in reduced costs and better efficiency in delivering technology to your organization.

HPE SimpliVity helps solve Key Business Challenges 

HPE Simplivity helps you take control of every aspect and section of your IT. It has powerful options and features for customization which gives you complete flexibility to create the kind of site and IT you want. The extensive range of features, options and tools make it the most versatile hyperconvergence tool in the market.

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Consolidate your DataCenter

Reduce your datacenter devices upto 10:1 by placing all your IT infrastructure below the hypervisor. This gives the benefit of higher operational efficiency with lower upfront costs

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Better Disaster Recovery and Data Protection.

It provides automated disaster recovery and comprehensive data protection. HPE Simplivity also needs lesser storage and bandwidth which results in enabling more recovery points and enhanced protection for the VM. And you can achieve this higher level of protection in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions.

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Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

HPE SimpliVity lets you get more virtual desktops on lesser hardware. Its easy to add nodes whenever new desktops are deployed. You can clone a VM, do a global backup or restore in three clicks or lesser. All this drives the costs down without any sacrifice of performance or resiliency.

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Distance is no longer a limitation. HPE Simplivity provides cost-effective scalability for branch offices and remote locations. It has built-in data efficiency and protection for ROBOs, and management is centralized into a single unified solution.

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Hyperconvergence in a Hybrid Cloud

HPE Simplivity offers all the cost benefits of the public cloud, without the risks that are inherent in moving data offsite. It is a natural fit for hybrid cloud and hybrid IT environments and offers enterprise-level performance, reliability and efficiency.

Handle Data in a new way

With HPE Simplivity's purpose-built storage capabilities and data management, you can achieve huge gains in data availability and efficiency.

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Game-Changing Data Efficiency

HPE SimpliVity improves application performance due to the high data efficiency built into it. It also frees up storage, and makes for accelerated backups and restore functions - whether local or remote. On an average it delivers data efficiency improvement of 40:1 across various deployments.

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VM Management and Mobility

Day to day operations are enormously simplified due to VM-centric management that is policy based. This also enables easier data mobility and makes the IT, development and end user teams more productive.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery is Built-in

With HPE Simplivity around, you no longer need third-party data protection. It delivers very resilient built-in backup and replication that is very bandwidth-efficient, and meets the requirements of the highest levels of data integrity and availability .


Frontier and Hyperconvergence

Frontier has the breadth and depth of skills in storage, datacenter virtualization,  hyperconvergence. and Cloud.  We have Solution architects with industry certifications and experience of delivering several large projects within each of these technologies.  


Frontier has 23+ years of End to End system integration experience

We have been delivering IT Infrastructure solutions and services to the enterprise for over 23 years. 


Storage, Hyperconvergence, Virtualization, Cloud

At Frontier. we have expertise in all of them. These technologies are inter-related and in time have to integrate and work with one another seamlessly.  


Ahead of the curve

Frontier has a tradition of building skills and solutions around all  new and emerging technologies much ahead of the market. You can be sure that we will deliver solutions and services that are cutting edge technology and robust.


Experience certainty

Frontier's deep technical skills, over two decades of experience, strong partnerships and a commitment to ensure customer success backs our assurance of successful delivery of projects. For two decades, we have taken every project to a successful closure..


No obligation - indepth tech session on  Hyperconvergence for your team  

We will deliver a Hyperconvergence and Simplivity  technology session for your team - topics covering  assessment, deployment, and management. This will be handled by our Presales & Solution architects. All questions answered.