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SAN, NAS, Hyperconvergence,Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud storage, Backup & DR : We have the experience and expertise that is needed by Enterprises

Storage is never adequate

Ensuring adequate storage is a perpetual challenge for all IT managers. Your network and compute elements can last for several years, but not storage capacity. The amount of data being generated by business is increasing exponentially resulting in more storage capacity having to be added very frequently.

Accelerating rate of change in technology

Technology is also changing rapidly, and IT managers have to deal with tailoring storage to a wide range of applications and rapidly changing environments. With the onset of Cloud and Hyperconvergence, the IT managers job of selecting, deploying and managing storage is even more very complex and requires the understanding of all the latest technologies, as well as emerging tech if he is to beat short time-frame obsolescence.

We can help : Storage assessment, architecture, deployment and management

  • A good strategy to develop storage roadmaps that stay relevant would be to understand data from the stage of creation, to utilization , to management and meeting compliance requirements. Our assessments will factor in : current technologies, upgrades, archival and storage requirements, compliance requirements, and application relevant requirements. We will also be looking at bandwidth consumption, access points and their security
  • Based on the results thrown up by the assessment, we architect your storage (taking into account storage that you already possess, your current requirements and future projections), and develop an implementation plan.
  • We will categorize your data based on importance and risk assessments. The categorizations will in turn be used to develop appropriate security measures for each category
  • Backup and DR plans will be developed for all your data, again based on data categorization
  • Keep your data stays protected and compliant with all the required security standards and applicable laws
  • We can help you with storage, backup and DR in Hyperconverged, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud environments

Get your storage from Frontier. We have the expertise and experience required by Enterprises

  • We are technology and vendor agnostic. Our recommendations are determined purely on our customers' unique requirements.
  • Frontier works with all the leading Storage technology providers
  • Experience of design, deployment and virtualization of storage in multiple datacenters across the country
  • We have highest levels of partnerships with HPE, NetApp, EMS, VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, AWS
  • Our teams have the highest levels of vendor certifications from VMWare, NetApp, AWS, Azure, Citrix, VMWare.
Get a FREE Storage assessment by our storage experts – where you are today: mapping of storage capacity, consumption, security, state of compliance, automation opportunities.

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