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Why Frontier for Dell Servers?

Frontier is one of the largest partners for Dell in India, and is recognized as a Platinum partner. This is a reflection of Frontier's sales, technical expertise across the entire Dell product range, large number of technical certifications, and its high calibre support. 

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We are a Dell Platinum partner

As a Platinum partner, we engage deep into Dell across their entire product range with Sales and Tech support. You will get accurate product information, deep technical information, and the best assessement of the right product for your requirements. 

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Authorized Service Providers

We are authorized by Dell as their Authorized service provider. This means (1) No intermediaries for support on your servers . (2) We have highly trained and experienced Server experts (3) Quick and timely support - you can be assured of Quick and reliable service 

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Experts in Server consolidation

Over a decades experience in server consolidation and virtualization. We have virtualized over a thousand servers in varying environments and can handle any kind of requirement you may have.

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Server security and hardening - Any Operating System

Security of your servers are crucial and need to be protected from various threats - internal and external depending on how they are deployed. We have extensive experience in securing and hardening servers. 

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Depth and Breadth of technical skills : Datacenter to Cloud

We offer end to end IT infrastructure solutions and services. No matter what application or where your server is to be located, we have the skills to deploy your server into any environment securely for optimum performance. 

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Dell PowerEdge Product range

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Dell EMC PowerEdge T440 Tower Server

 Get a infrastructure that can drive a variety of workloads with flexible capacity.

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PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

This flexible server helps you drive a wide range of demanding workloads, and also offers 2-sockt peak performance and has a large  huge capacity.

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Dell EMC PowerEdge T640 Tower Server

As your workloads evolve, you can scale with a peak 2-socket server performance. It also has a large internal storage capacity.

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PowerEdge T430 Tower Server

Expandable design. quite acoustics , and a capability to deliver accelerated performance in office environments. Comes as a 2-socket tower server.

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PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server

Best suited for file storage, file sharing and data protection is a small office/home office environment.

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PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

This is a 1-socket tower that you can use to drive applications in your remote/branch offices 

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PowerEdge T130 Tower Server

A 1-socket min-tower powerful server that is ideal for a branch.small office/home office. Consolidate data and applications faster.

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PowerEdge rack servers

Take Control of Your Website. Yeah, There’s An Option For That.

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PowerEdge R730xd Rack Server

Provides unprecedented in-chassis storage flexibility. Workload efficiency can be boosted like never before. 

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Rack Server

Has the optimal mix of storage, computer power and accelerator cards in a 2U, 2-socket platform for application performance. It  has been optimized for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
e power in a 2U, 2-socket platform optimized for VDI.

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 Rack Server

This is a 1U, 2-socket platform with computing and storage. Build with an optimal mix of cost, performance and density that works for most datacenters.

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PowerEdge R730 Rack Server

This server can adapt to virtually any workload. It is a scalable server confiugred with an optimal mix of storage, processing, memory and GPU.

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd Rack Server

The storage capacity can scale upto 24 NVMe drives, and also upto 32x2.5" or 18x3.5" drives built into a 2U, 2-socket platform.

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PowerEdge R830 Rack Server

Meant for databses, virtualization and VDI. It delivers superb performance and cost effectiveness.

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PowerEdge R930 Rack Server

This is Dell's most powerful server with highly scalable memory. processing and internal storage. Get high performance for your enterprise applications on this server.

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 Rack Server

Ideal for mission-critical applications, and is powered to make real-time decisions with its powerful 4-socket server in 3U and scale upto 12 NVMe drives.

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PowerEdge R330 rack server

Powerful, expandable with 1-socket and features high-availability. An entry rack server. Drive your remote office and branch office applications on this. rack server.

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PowerEdge R430 Rack Server

HPC and web tech are ideal candidates for this server. It offers Peak 2-socket performance.

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PowerEdge C4130 Rack Server

1U rack server optimized for co-processors and GPU. Drive demanding HPC and data visualization workloads on this powerful server.

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PowerEdge R230 rack server

Drive your applications faster with this versatile 1- socket and 1U entry rack server. 

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R540 Rack Server

A 2U rack, 2-socket server that offers the best balance between resources and affordability. 

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PowerEdge R630 Rack Server

In a iU chassis, it supports up to 24 flash SSD's. Use it to maximize datacenter efficiency through virtualization.

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R440 Rack Server

iU, 2-socket rack server that is compace and can deliver performance for HPC, Scale-out infrastructure or web technologies. 

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PowerEdge R530 Rack Server

2-socket, 2U rack server and delivers balanced performance, with midrange scalability.


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